freeCodeCamp javascript(beta) course is bugged

I am currently at step 55. The “Check your code” button is not working at all, I tried everything from signing out and deleting cookies to restarting the entire course but nothing happens…

Edit: The issue is from the optional chaining. The console in the browser says that

But when I remove the optional chaining and press “Check you code” The test fails because it requires me to use optional chaining. What do I do now?

What is your current browser. What extensions are you using?

currentTitle and currentArtist are new variables you need to declare and assign values to. When you assign a value to a variable, which side of the equals sign should the variable name be on?

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I am using chrome, I have no extensions

I am so so so sorry you are correct. That was extremely dumb from me.

Please delete this topic :joy: :joy:

No need to apologize. To be honest, I had to read the instructions a few times to figure them out. If you ask me, they are worded a little awkwardly.

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But you are correct in a sense: the button doesn’t work unless you have taken care of all major syntax errors (syntax is like the set of grammar and punctuation rules for a coding language). In my opinion, the button should also check if you have a syntax error. These errors are pretty obvious if you copy and paste your code over to something like I recommend using something like that when you find yourself having major issues and especially when you are doing the challenges.

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If you have the console pane open you will see the syntax errors.