Freecodecamp login with github - problem


after i clean cookies, and want to log in freecodecamp through github. i am always facing complications.

When I log in to frecodecamp through github the log in page it tells me there is an issue. Therefore i am forced to visit github website and log-in in github directly.

But when i return to freecodecamp again and select login through github. it shows me the log in screen again asking for my username and password. even though i am already logged-in in github

If i click login. as usual same error occurs.

only solution is to refresh the log in github page of freecodecamp and i am logged in, But this only works after logging on github website first.

Can this log in complication be fixed or is this the only solution?

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it may be possible there is something wrong with your account, you could write to if you want someone to take a look at your account.

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thanks :smiley:. the support guys dont check this section of the forum?

sometimes they do, but it’s something best handled via email, as you need to give the email with which your freecodecamp account is registered, to avoid putting it on the forum and risk it being spammed

ok. thanks :grin:

i will let them know soon about this issue

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