Need help logging Into Freecodecamp site, Please


*I can login to the forum site without issue.

  • I can not login to the Freecodecamp coding website
    *With my mac, i’ve failed to login over 7 times with Chrome, Safari, Github and Firefox
    *I’m the ultimate newbie and will need very specific and clear instructions on how to fix this problem.
    *Thank you for any help you can provide.

Which method did you use to log in? There are 4.

I used all 4 and could not login

Can you give us more detail?

For example, when I try to sign in with GitHub it takes me to this screen.

When using email to sign in I get this screen:

This is after visiting the URL

I would need to know the exact steps to recreate the problem in order to help you.

Thank you for the help!

When i try to login through Github, i get the same screen with the form that you get; however, when i enter my github info, I get a error message. The same thing happens no matter how I try to sign in. BTW, i was also trying to login on the same url that you tried: