Freecodecamp please make tutorials about desktop application with C (win32)

Freecodecamp is a wonderful website with a lot of good content and advice. The forum is nice and friendly. But we miss something very important in today programming, understanding the lower level things. I worked two years developing android apps with java but getting bored because of android ecosystem. Now I have switched to desktop applications, using win32 api.
The win32 is very nice, and I have the freedom putting my own solutions.
The internet is full of web development content and that is a bad thing, because also are many other things hapenning in programming world. I graduated with a physics degree and did a lot of numerical computing with fortran and C. I worked two years with android apps but I left to pursue my career in geophysics.
But geophysics involves a lot of programming too, numerical calculations are very important.
When I ask a question on forums about win32 api people downvote or suggest me not to use win32, they will suggest me using other frameworks. But I’m the guy who don’t uses frameworks, I’m about just solving my problems. I don’t want beautiful user interfaces to build, but just some basic things . If programming is about problem solving, there I have a problem that I need to solve
How about to integrate openstreetmap in win32 or making a world map in C.

There a lot of people like me who doesn’t rely on frameworks, the C and win32 api are enough for me to make a desktop application and doing numerical calculations.
I thing every programmer should know some basic about low level programming, frameworks come and go. And apart from web development, for example an angular hello world app uses about 2 gb Ram it is not a good solution, or including a dozen of npm dependencies in your project will make your things worse.
You can program without using a framework, and yes you could do things faster than a framework if you know how to program.
Don’t fall into this trap, I can be productive using win32 api, because I learned to make gui by hand and to develop custom widgets. This is a good learning experience. I hope for some good content to come involving desktop applications and low level programming.
These king of programming are in demand, don’t try to be fooled by other people. Of you thing that javascript or java is the future you don’t know nothing how real world programming is done.

I’m currently working in early warning system, to save people lifes when an earthquake strike. We need the fastest way to calculate primary waves to send the signal to the smartphones, TV, Radio to notify people some seconds before the main shock strikes. And in the end we are using fortran for all king of numerical calculations and C for other parts.
The software development is not just deveping some business logic.
Thank you for reading, keep doing the good work.

The freeCodeCamp curriculum teaches web development, with now starting to branch in new directions

You can find a lot of other tutorials on the FreeCodeCamp Youtube Channel or on the FreeCodeCamp Publication

the curriculum next steps are going to be, Project Based teaching, Internationalization, and Data Science

If you would like to be one of the developer authors for Free Code Camp News, you can find everything you need to know in the Publication Style Guide, or read here about how to contribute to freeCodeCamp’s YouTube channel. Alternatively, you can find everything else about contributing to Free Code Camp in the contributing docs.

I work in numerical/scientific computing. I work primarily in C, and I recommend that new projects are written in modern languages unless there is an extremely good reason that the project can only be written in C.

Fortran is far past retirement. Don’t use Fortran.

Old languages are cool, but I encourage modern tools, practices, and languages. Do not pick your programming language based on what academics use. We academics write a lot of bad code in old languages.

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