Why there is no other programming language courses in freecodecamp.org

It would be great to have C#, C++, Rust courses in freecodecamp.org. I know that I can learn by their docs but testing my skills here would be awesome.


I think because c# and c++ is not as popular as other languages, they would rather have a JavaScript course than that. And a lot of people are not so concerned with those C languages anymore, it is no longer as powerfull as a JavaScript or Python.


I don’t find one for rust, but I looked at articles with “rust” tag: https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/tag/rust/

Anyway, freeCodeCamp wants to focus on few things, and also make so that all the curriculum can be done in browser, preferibly without changing website.
At this time, the curriculum is also going through a big overhaul, adding Python and moving to a project-based curriculum.

I don’t think there is the man-power to add many other languages.
But you can find a lot of interesting stuff in the youtube channel and in the \news


It would be nice if freecodecamp become a home for every developers out there. But, you are right, for web development JS is really powerful.

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I think you are right, It’s about the man-power. I hope in the future freecodecamp will do it.

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Yes, that would be nice indeed. Of course they cannot meet everyone’s wishes. And if, for example, 100 people want a JavaScript tutorial and only 5 ac #, the choice they make is logical.

Hopefully they can do as many different languages as possible in the future, but guess that’s not there yet.


IMHO, I would say its more about us (the staff and thousands of kind volunteers) trying to focus our efforts on a few things and not overwhelm new-comers. The current curriculum is quite exhaustive as is and it still does not begin to scratch the surface.

We have chosen to teach JavaScript and Python because they are comparitively “forgiving” and do not have the intial barrier that many other languages have. (That is my personal opinion based on having spoken both C++ and JS over my career)

freeCodeCamp.org’s interactive learning platform is not a one-stop shop. It simply augments our community based learning. Our Youtube channel is a proven source for so many topics. People have gotten jobs after having watched our videos and not knowing that our learning paltform exists too!

Speaking of the techincal challenges, yes some learning experiences work well in the browser (interactive learning), which is where our focus is at the minute. Some really do not fit in the browser based learning approach. Sometimes, You simply need to be closer to the “metal”. We try to balance the learning experiences the best we can, trying to keep things accessible to all - our core goal.

That said, there is lot in the works *wink* *wink*. The staff team is building some exciting things. Stay tuned.

Happy coding.


I strongly disagree. The C family is very much in use and is very powerful.


I know, it definitely is. But it is not as strongly in use as Javascript/Python etcetera.

Operating systems and embedded systems are written in C. You may not see or write a lot of C, but it’s far more powerful than Javascript or Python and C/C++ is still very much in use by lot of projects.

freeCodeCamp uses Javascript because it’s the core language of web development, not because it’s inherently better than C. freeCodeCamp teaches Javascript and Python because they are beginner friendly.

I like both Python and C, but each has their time and place. C is more powerful and Python is more flexible. Both are in heavy use.

You certainly can’t use Javascript or Python for projects where you need C, though can use Rust, which OP also mentioned.

As web assembly becomes more popular C/C++/Rust will play a more prominent role in web development. Finally, we old-schoolers will become relevant again :slight_smile:

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