C++, C#, VB, etc Thread

can someone please inform where is the thread for C++ / Java / C# or many other languages in this forum? thx

There are no subforums for these languages. I suppose you could ask questions about them in the General subforum, but don’t be surprised if you don’t get a lot of responses.

Any chance of adding any of these languages to the lessons in the future?

FreeCodeCamp has a YouTube channel that can direct to learning these languages

This is one such vid:

freeCodeCamp is just the beginning of the learning journey.

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that’s the problem…

very much agree… for a programming forum, at least, C++ topics is a must, imo…

freeCodeCamp teaches full stack javascript and python.
So that is why you only see categories related to those areas.

but that is just for a course and not to “chat” about it like when it’s on a forum

but i guess, for a coding forum, C++ is one of the languages that should be existed in the forum

and, not to mention, languages like Kotlin, Rust, R, VBS, etc also important to be discussed

I understand where you are coming from in a general programming forum perspective.

But we still have to remember the context and that this is still a freeCodeCamp forum.
So all of the categories will revolve around the core curriculum which is web dev and python.

Now, could this change in the future?
Sure, possibly.

The curriculum is always expanding and maybe more programming languages will be added in the future.

But for now, our options on this forum are the HTML, CSS JavaScript, Python and general category.

And to bruce’s point, you could ask questions in the general category about C++, Kotlin, etc but the number of people that are actively online that can comfortably answer those questions is considerably smaller.

If you are looking to participate in conversations centered around more programming languages then you could join the learn programming subreddit which is very diverse and generally healthy environment


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ok, very much hoping for this in the future…

I overlooked this since I tend to use it for its references.

But w3schools has most of these languages with an editor.
C++ Tutorial (w3schools.com)

However I’m not sure if w3schools has a community.