Is there going to be more languages to learn on

I really like the site,the community is good,it’s easy to learn etc.
Will there be any other languages which you can learn on
I know that you can learn more than languages on but i am just asking.
P.s.I put this in general because i didn’t know where to put it

I believe there was some effort to put python into the curriculum, but the effort died out a few years ago. I do not believe there will be any support for learning other languages at this time or any time soon. I honestly believe improving the current curriculum is more important than new learning languages.

Learning more relevant tech probably makes more impact on marketability and job finding than knowing multiple languages. For example, the time spent learning JQuery is overshadowed by learning React. Same goes for learning Python if you know NodeJS in most cases.

I do personally believe knowing multiple languages helps ones understanding of programming in general, but supporting another language beyond FCC’s scope right now :slight_smile:

PS. I believe the only language that might be worth the trouble for FCC to integrate is Typescrpt, since it applies to the same use-cases as normal JS, except is being embraced more and more across the entire stack by companies, and thus is becoming more and more relevant in the job market, and it seems its adoption will only increase in the years to come.

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