Freecodecamp test suite is not detecting css flexbox or media query

I am building the Product Landing Page from the Responsive Web design section.
It took me some time but I built it. However, the tests say it cannot detect any media query and flexbox. I have looked carefully my css, html and esp but I don’t understand why it is showing the error. I have a media query in effect ( i tested it on two different browsers - chrome and firefox) and i’ve around 3-4 flexbox elements.
I think it is bug in the test suite provided.

Hello there,

Would you mind sharing a link to your project? Or, at the very least provide the code?

Otherwise, please note: The test suite does not work as expected unless the code is hosted on a live server. That is, opening your HTML file in your browser directly often causes tests to erroneously fail.

Hope this helps

(context: I am using github pages to host my fcc projects)
It worked. It passed all tests when I pushed it to github.


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@hiro ,

same here buddy.

I don’t know why, but after i ran it in live server environment, it’s working. (By the way I’ve put my project on GitHub pages)

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