FreeCodeCamp Website Not Working Properly

I’m having trouble with the FreeCodeCamp site. The icon for the site that I had in my bookmark toolbar was green and now it’s black. I completed the HTML and CSS lessons but I’ve lost the page with the checkmarks beside each completed lesson. The pages for FreeCodeCamp lessons are missing the CSS and are in plain HTML and there’s no longer a record of my having completed the lessons. I’m also having trouble updating my picture for my profile. These should all be straightforward but things don’t seem to be working. One other thing I’d like to do, is to upload some of the FreeCodeCamp lessons into GitHub repositories. I’m new to all of this and feeling a little confounded, though I’m sure it’s got to be a lot simpler than it seems at present. Is there anybody out there? That can help. Please and thank you.

They did a recent update for the 5 year anniversary. Part of that update was changing from the Green style to a new Black/White style.

None of the lessons changed that I have noticed and are still at:

It should say “welcome back” or “log-in” when you go there. And if you click the First Certificate, it will show all the challenges. If you are logged in there are two large buttons at the top of the website to your Profile and Settings. HTML/CSS is “Responsive Webdesign”

The profile links didn’t change either; if you have the same forum name as the main site it’s

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Thank you!
When I inserted my specific page in the url, as you suggested, it brings up the lessons I completed and the date they were done.