Free code camp will not load

I have tried restarting my computer and refreshing the browser. The top right of my free code camp screen is just showing a bar moving horizontally where my user info would normally be.

Welcome, hlore.

Would you mind providing more information:

  1. Which browser are you using?
  2. Do you have any browser extensions with access to
  3. Can you see any errors in your browser devtools console? (To open, search “open devtools browser” - where “browser” is your specific browser)

There is nothing on freeCodeCamp’s side that is likely to cause this. So, it is most likely to do with your setup/network.

Thank you for the quick response Shaun! I didn’t change a thing but freecodecamp is working like a dream today. Not sure why it glitched out during my session yesterday but will try these steps in future should the problem occur again.

Thanks again!

I’m having that same issue today and nothing is different. Using same browser as usual and everything.

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