From FCC to Bootcamp and back!

Hey everyone!!! I miss you :hugs: I was super active on FCC last year while working on my Front End Cert…and then I sort of disappeared. Between then and now, I sort of went into over drive…the more I learned, the more I realized there was to learn. I got overwhelmed and burnt out totally. I ended up applying to a local Bootcamp called Wyncode and just graduated on Fri. It was an incredible experience … and I am so happy I did FCC beforehand.

Our primary language was Ruby, and we also learned Rails…with a foundation in JS, I was not completely lost and able to keep up. I also found out about Agile and learn how to work on a Dev team which were things I never really considered or touched on before (hint hint! Read up on Agile and MVP!) For me, it was well worth it cause it provided structure and a nose dive into what I needed to focus on. I was probably employable before, but now I feel way more confident about getting a job. Impostor Syndrome is a #$%^&!!! :joy:

Anyway, Im back here because well…its not like Im done…our school motto is Never Stop Learning and I plan to pick up and keep on doing just that. Since the FCC beta course has been released and seems stable now, I’m going to run through the JS algos and data structures, esp since I’ll need that for tech interviews coming up (I have one lined up at the end of the month…yay!) and Id like to work through the Front End Libraries too. Adding some more projects to my portfolio can’t hurt :slight_smile:

Anyway…super happy to be back! Thanks so much to those of you who reached out to see how Im doing…def felt the love :blush: Hope everyone is doing awesome…


Whoa, congrats + welcome back :tada: :raised_hands: :computer: :sparkles: ! That’s really awesome!

Thanks for sharing your bootcamp experience. I don’t know much about bootcamps or what goes on in a bootcamp, but I’ve been curious. I’ve been trying to learn Ruby via for a little while now after feeling kind of stuck with JavaScript. Glad to hear this depoarture might serve me well in the future!

P.S. You’ve always had great posts on here. I remember seeing them a lot when I first joined fCC, so I’m glad you’re back!

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I remember you, welcome back and congrats on your graduation!

I’ll probably see a “I got a job” post from you soon!

Yep, keep learning.


Thanks so much you two!! I hope to see a “I got a job” post from me soon too! lol

I’ll try and collect my thoughts and write some key points about my experience… for now, I can say it was intense, challenging, fun, learned a lot, built things I didnt even know was a thing with tools and tech I never considered before…it really opened me up to yet another world of stuff, but in a way that was totally doable, not overwhelming.

On another note, though we graduated on Fri…Im here at school right now… and a lot of my classmates are here too. We spent so much time here, we kinda dont know what to do with ourselves LOL so lots of us are in flexspace working on projects, appying for jobs, doing online courses etc… Go figure!


Wondered where you’d got to, glad you’re back and doing well!

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Awe thanks!!! :blush:

Cool. Nice to have you back

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