From My Survey Page: I do not understand

Inside the form element, I am required to enter my name in a field with id=“name”. If I do not enter a name I will see an HTML5 validation error.

What does this mean? And What do they want? Here is the link:

From your test errors:
There should be an input text field with id="name"

I’m blanking out, what is an input text field? Does that mean, <( input id=“name”> bla-bla</input)>. (Without the parenthesis).

This is your name input:
<input type="text" placeholder="Name">
It’s just missing the id parameter.

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thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Ummm, I have fixed other things but i am still on the previous problem. Did I do what you said right?

You fixed that error code, yes. Now you’ve got a new one:
Name input field should be required

I do not understand. Please explain.

Here’s a reference for you. :slight_smile:

Thank you, I think I get it now. I’ll try it out.

Most project requirements should have been covered in some parts of the curriculum. So I’d suggest you check back at the previous lessons when you are in doubt.

Basic HTML and HTML5: Use HTML5 to Require a Field

Thank you but I think I got it figured now. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Got it! That was so simple! Thank you

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Inside the form element, I can select a field from one or more groups of radio buttons. Each group should be grouped using the name attribute. Each radio button must have a value attribute.

I am almost done but this problem is holding me up. What do they want?

I am having the same problem with the checkboxes

All your radio-buttons must have a value attribute

What is that? And the same goes for the checkboxes right?

Correct. The value attribute was taught in this lesson.

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Yeeeeesssssss!!! i passssssseeeeedddd! Celebrate with me! i’m loving coding more every day!

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Congratulations! Very proud of you!

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