Front End Development Libraries Projects - Build a Random Quote Machine

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solution: GitHub - Petrica92/myProjects

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Challenge: Front End Development Libraries Projects - Build a Random Quote Machine

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Use StackBlitz or CodeSandbox. It has to be a live app not just a repo.

As an aside, when pushing a React app to GitHub you should include the package.json and whatever else is needed to install and run the code.

can i start the project on my localhost and give the url localhost:3300 in the challenge. will it work?

Unfortunately, Localhost is only available on your local machine. You can’t share that link with others because their computer wil try to look for something running on that port 3000 on their own machine, not yours.

The project link has to be a live, online URL hosted on a publicly accessible server that can be ran immediately. That’s why you should use something like CodePen because it can be shared and viewed immediately.

Thanks for clarification bro. I was wondering why the challenge page was displaying Remember to submit a publicly visible app URL..
I thought since the challenge said I can work in any environment why not just use the local environment. :sweat_smile:
So, can I replit?

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No problem! I think you can use a Replit link as long as it is the link that goes to the running project. It should be a type link and not a link.

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