Front End Development Libraries

I started with the Front End Development Libraries projects, and I made my solution of the first project with HTML,CSS,Javascript and React, but it doesn’t work on CodePen for passing the tests, but it does with my Vite Environment and the functionality of the project is perfect, it’s not fair, we cant write code of our way

I hope there is a solution

Were you able to run the full test suite in your local environment?

Its hard to be 100% sure the code is perfect without running a test suite.

I am not an expert in testing, but the project I worked on functions correctly. However, there were some requirements that did not allow me to use React and return the HTML tags that the project needed. Instead, I had to place all of them in the .html document, rather than in the .jsx document with the return statement.

Maybe I am not explaining correctly what I mean

Just to be clear, you don’t need to have your project run on CodePen. You can work on it locally however you want and then upload the finished product to a public server and submit the link. You just need to make sure that your project passes all of the tests in the test suite. Have you incorporated the test suite into your project?

From the instructions:

“You can build your project by using this CodePen template and clicking Save to create your own pen. Or you can use this CDN link to run the tests in any environment you like:

You just have to include the CDN link to the test suite in your project using a script element.


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