Quick question about building projects outside of codepen

Hi, long time lurker first time poster. So I recently finished the front end libraries course, but wasn’t super confident about understanding React so I went and did some video tutorials and played around with it myself with create-react -app and Atom and now I’m ready to do the projects. I wanted to keep building in Atom and uploading to Github since I’ve gotten comfortable with that, I just have the test suite on the page to make sure it works. Once it 's all passing and I’m ready to submit it, do I need to leave the test suite loaded in the version I upload to github and share? If so, how long before I can take it off? Thank you so much for the help!

the project you submit should have the test suite included with all tests passing

freeCodeCamp save the link you submit, so if you want a version of the project that doesn’t include the test suite, just create a different project than the one you submit to fcc

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What you need for freeCodeCamp is a live site and for your code to be publicly viewable. If you’re using GitHub, you can achieve both at once by using GitHub Pages (GitHub itself has the good tutorials on this). If you wanted to host your page somewhere that doesn’t make the code visible, you could include a link to your public GitHub repo on the page itself.

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Thanks! I’ll do that.