Front End Libraries Projects - Build a JavaScript Calculator

I am done building the javaScript calculator and everything is working fine. Even though my code is able to calculate and perform operations on decimal numbers. The test is not going through.

  • User Story #12: I should be able to perform any operation (+, -, *, /) on numbers containing decimal points.

can you post a link to your project?

codesandbox io/s/5wpn27453x

kindly join it together i cant post a link yet
just started using the forum

The expression “10.5 + 5.5” should produce an output of “16” : expected ‘110.5’ to equal ‘16’
this is the error message and my calculator can do this already

If you do a calculation using second number with a decimal point then after getting the result you can’t do any other calculations where first number has decimal point without pressing ALL CLEAR button.


Calculate 10 + 5.5 and after that try to calculate 5.5 + 10 (don’t click ALL CLEAR!)

yes!! thanks. I was supposed to set decimal to true onkeypress of = button