[Front-End Libraries Projects]Markdown Previewer - Test Failing

Hi Everyone, I’m getting stuck with this project and I absolutely have no idea why I’m failing these test, the content of the #preview seems to be updated correctly. Could you show me the reason? Is there anything that I have overlooked? Thank you very much. Here is my pen:

Hi, you link is no longer working. Has the problem been solved?

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Your link has a stray backtick on the end.

Also, the tester is missing from your codepen so im not sure what the problem is

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I was able to see it after @camelcamper’s note - backed up the link to the correct page.

I added the test bundle and saw you passed 1-6.

There were two you did not pass, both optional

  1. OPTIONAL BONUS (you do not need to make this test pass): When I click a link rendered by my markdown previewer, the link is opened up in a new tab (HINT: read the Marked.js docs for this one!)
    Your link is actually for freecodecamp.com and it should be .org. Also try adding " target=_blank" to open in a new tab.

  2. OPTIONAL BONUS (you do not need to make this test pass): My markdown previewer interprets carriage returns and renders them as
    (line break) elements

Perhaps you will need to pass them anyway - and optional is not an option? I’m sorry but I don’t know.

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Thank you very much everybody! I didn’t pass the first 6 tests yesterday but know I do and I still don’t have any idea why is that :smiley: Now trying to pass the last two tests :smiley:

That’s great! Keep on searching and you’ll find the right answers. And you’ll pass those last two tests.