Front End Projects on Github Pages Instead of CodePen?

I was learning about Github Pages just before finding and wanted to continue getting use to using GitHub so I have been doing my Front End Development projects locally and then hosting them on my Github Pages site.

Is this ok? Or, will I need to transfer the code to CodePen when I want to “claim my certificate”?


As long as your code is publicly available, you can host your projects wherever you want.

That’s good… I think I’ll switch! Sometimes I have issues viewing the /full page from codepen on mobile safari - that’s just an iframe issue but it’s not nice. I’m also trying to learn more git so it seems more beneficial to use github pages! :slight_smile:

Great! Thanks for your response!

I start a new GitHub repo for each CodeCamp project and then add it to the portfolio page on GitHub Pages when finished! This is perfect!