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I am stuck on the second challenge of the Frontend Certification Project. Bellow you can see my code. The two lines 51 and 68 when not commented make all my render disappear. Can anyone help me?

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Challenge: Build a Markdown Previewer

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  1. Look in the browser console Uncaught TypeError: marked is not a function

  2. Check the docs on which method you should be using marked.parse

FYI, The library had a major version update with breaking changes, check the release note.

react-dom.production.min.js:177 Uncaught TypeError: marked is not a function
at Markdown.render
I tried deleting and adding again but it did not work.

Did you check the docs and the release note?

  • When using marked in a script tag use marked.parse(...) instead of marked(...)

Yeah, now it works because of the .parse. Thanks.

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No problem. I would suggest you take this as a learning experience.

  1. Always look in the console (don’t use the Codepen console).

  2. Always read the docs.

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