Frontend, Drum-machine works, but fails on test 5-7 - (Solved) :)

Hi, I have built the drum machine according to the requirements (at least I think so). However I cannot get it to pass the tests 5-7 even though they work in the app.

  • I built it on my local machine
  • React 18 with useState and useEffect hooks
  • I am using Chrome as browser
  • I use React-use-keypress as dependencie for keypress.

Page & Repo

Is there a chance of someone in the forum with fresh eyes that can have a look and point me in the right direction?

Big Thanks

  • Don’t create a new Audio object to play the sound. Call play directly on the <audio> element in the HTML.
  • Your keypresses need to work for both lowercase and uppercase. Currently they only work for lowercase and I believe the tests are using uppercase, so you might be able to get by with using just uppercase, but really, they should work for both.

@bbsmooth Just what I needed to figure it out. Thanks for taking your time to guide me right. Some small rework and now it passes the tests!