Frustrated and angry

How do you keep going after only seeing rejection ?i have been searching work for about a year,i have a degree and even some experience but i can’t get a job and it frustrates me a lot,going to a lot of interview rounds or doing 10 hour tasks for nothing and not even getting a line of feedback.I feel so useless and stupid.What do you do in such situations?


I like to listen or read something motivational …
e.g. Jocko Willink

or the Hives

or Arni

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you keep going because you don’t really have a choice but to keep going :slight_smile:

know that you are not alone in the struggle.

you have been going through interviews for an entire year? this means that you must know all the questions that are asked by now… i hope you’re taking advantage of that!

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Just keep on pushing man. Keep track of the companies you applied at, how long did the interview process take, what questions did they ask you, why you were denied, did they ask you to re-apply. Keep track of all this data and you will realize that you will fill out 60+ applications before you are given a job opportunity. Keep on trying and reading and you will find out that there are people just like you fighting for a job in the industry, one company will be lucky enough to get your services. Until then, never stop learning and don’t let a few rejections slow you down! :+1:

Don’t give up. Keep looking for the job.

It is pretty hard when getting started! Most of us have similar issues. Make sure you find the reason why being rejected.