Frustration with the FCC product landing page example

It feels like I’ve been banging my head against the wall with this project. I’ve really been struggling with media queries so I’ve been looking to the example page source code for help. I noticed there were media queries nested within css classes. I tried to do a similar thing but it just wouldn’t work. After lots of googling it seemed this approach only works when SASS is activated. I checked the codepen settings for the example page and it appears SASS was being used. Please correct me if I’m misunderstanding all of this, but I’ve not covered SASS in any of the tutorials on FCC yet. So it seems like a bad idea to use SASS in an example page. Especially when we’re recommended to start off doing everything in a vanilla way. Have I misunderstood how SASS is being used in the example product landing page?

Hey T-lyon,
You can build product landing page project without using SASS. Just try to recall what you have learnt and then start tackling problem one by one (For example, how to make the top-navigation bar fixed, then how to link to internal sections of the page etc.). Just try to make your project functionally similar to FCC example not a clone of it. And if you are stuck somewhere, you can always google or come here and you will get help.
All the best.
Hope it helps.

Hes right you dont need sass in product landing page. besides even in a sass document or .scss you can still use vanilla css

Thanks aditya_p. I think I was just annoyed I spent so long trying to work out why my nested media query didn’t work. I guess it’s all part of the learning curve! Thanks for the positive info.

Thanks. I was using the example page as a reference to help me along, so I was confused to find it was using skills that we haven’t covered in the curriculum yet. Never mind. Off to get a coffee and some lunch and I will return to the project with fresh eyes. Thanks for the reply.