Full Front End Libraries Project Set

Hello all,

As of today I have completed all five of the front end library projects, and would certainly appreciate any and all feedback on them. I believe I will be using them to put on a portfolio for internships, and perhaps jobs, so I’d love criticism on the design or the code or anything.

Thank you.

Quote (Pokedex) Machine

Markdown Previewer

Drum Kit


Pomodoro Clock

Very nice! I bookmarked this so I can compare projects once mine are done.

Since you are going to use these in an professional application, I have 5 suggestions:
-The Drum Machine is failing 3 of the tests. I think you need to include an <audio> element inside of the buttons, and trigger it that way.

-Your Calculator is also failing 5 of the tests. I think if you assign the proper names (ie: id="add", subtract, multiply, etc) to the buttons this will fix some of the tests.

-The Pomodoro is failing some of the tests. I haven’t finished this project and can’t make any suggestions, other than check the errors & try to fix them.

-This is just a style suggestion. The Markdown Previewer is a bright red and pink; it’s kindof hard for me to look at. Maybe a calmer or neutral colour palette?

-This is an easy improvement. The Markdown Previewer is failing the optional test, but it’s very easy to use marked.setOptions to include the carriage returns.

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Nice projects @Psytew,

I like the Calculator and Pomodoro Clock very much. The colors used in Calculator project are excellent. :slight_smile:

Best luck :+1: