What do you think of my front-end projects?

Hey everyone, I just completed the front-end certificate. I’d love your feedback on any of my projects. What do you think? How can I improve?

I absolutely don’t expect you to look over more than one of these by the way.

React Markdown Previewer
Vanilla JS Pomodoro Clock
Vanilla JS Random Quote Machine Using Wikipedia API
Vanilla JS Drum Machine
Vanilla JS Calculator

Highlights and Lowlights

I have learned so much along the way, and relish in the fact that I know nothing at all. My highlight so far has been developing my random quote machine, learning to handle an API and make asynchronous calls with javascript. It took me weeks of tinkering to get it in a working state. I dreamed about my code and woke up thinking about making my code better, I experienced a flow state even as I struggled for hours, it was a very meaningful experience for me on this journey.

One low light was my workflow, it was painful at times. I coded these in VScode and hosted the files on a local server. Each change I made, I had to save and refresh the browser. I messed up my css countless times doing this, my workflow was a mess. Oh my, my mind was blown when I started to use chrome dev tools more. I could manipulate the css in the browser, see the results instantly, and then copy the style over to my .css file. Next up, learning how to use the debugger >_< :smiley:

Looking forward to your feedback, thank you!

As a beginner web developer who has basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, your projects embarrassed all of my new small and childish web pages. I might ask you if i find any difficulties in the future in JavaScript . By the way, i liked the color consistency of your vanilla JS clock.

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Thank you @Golker for your kind words. I really enjoy picking color schemes, I like the pomodoro clock the best for some reason.

It’s interesting hearing you say that about your projects because I say that to myself so many times looking through other people’s work. There are things I’m sure you get or will get much more quicker than I do. Trust me, keep on your journey and you can make similar pages in no time.

Sure thing, message me and I’ll help out best as I can.

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