Completed my first project-- The Registration Form

I have just completed my first project. I thought it would be a daunting task, but it turned out to be pretty simple. Though I will need more knowledge and practice to become more original and creative, I can admit. The project helped me understand the CSS a little better and the classes and elements and such that the CSS was related to. I am looking for to more knowledge and prac app.

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You can try this list of projects 40 JavaScript Projects for Beginners – Easy Ideas to Get Started Coding JS.

I also did and change a lot of, themes, functions, CSS and Javascript.

You can see my work here and the code here

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Congratulations, I can realize how great you are feeling just like I did back in 2020. It’s like conquering Mt. Everest without any apparatus :slight_smile:

I suggest now start building projects from Frontend Mentor ( just HTML and CSS ), later learn JS and build those projects.

All the very best for your journey.


thank you. I will look at Frontend Mentor

Will look at it in the future because I don’t know a lot about javascript at the moment.

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