Completed my first project-- The Registration Form

I have just completed my first project. I thought it would be a daunting task, but it turned out to be pretty simple. Though I will need more knowledge and practice to become more original and creative, I can admit. The project helped me understand the CSS a little better and the classes and elements and such that the CSS was related to. I am looking for to more knowledge and prac app.


You can try this list of projects 40 JavaScript Projects for Beginners – Easy Ideas to Get Started Coding JS.

I also did and change a lot of, themes, functions, CSS and Javascript.

You can see my work here and the code here


Congratulations, I can realize how great you are feeling just like I did back in 2020. It’s like conquering Mt. Everest without any apparatus :slight_smile:

I suggest now start building projects from Frontend Mentor ( just HTML and CSS ), later learn JS and build those projects.

All the very best for your journey.


thank you. I will look at Frontend Mentor

Will look at it in the future because I don’t know a lot about javascript at the moment.


Did the QR-Code project in FrontEnd Mentor. It is a great site and I will do a lot of projects from it. Thanks for the recommendation !

I had wasted whole of 2021 as I didn’t know about FM, I didn’t know how to build upon knowledge of HTML and CSS.

I kept on watching projects building videos from YT and typing along, but it didn’t help me to build my own coding muscles at all.

Only way to gain confidence is to build as many projects on your own and get feedback from others about your code from time to time.

I found FM accidently and it had really boosted my confidence level. I’ve built all the projects on my own.

Another benefit is you’ll be lots of projects to showcase in your GitHub profile to potential employers and prove them that you were consistent in coding and building projects on regular basis.

GitHub won’t lie :slight_smile:

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