Front End Development Projects

Hi Team FCC…
I shall be starting the Basic Front End Development Projects this weekend hopefully.
Any useful advice before I start from your experiences. Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

have fun with it :grin:

I look forward to seeing them!

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I would say don’t get bogged down trying to make your first projects look perfect. Or even all that nice. You’ll develop skills with practice. For the first few projects, it’s more important just that you get something done, and then move on. You can always come back and make improvements later.


Wise words… will take that on board.

I can only pass along my own failings. I didn’t spend enough time learning CSS principles, which impacted later projects. My suggestion is to spend time understanding principles and building a strong foundation even if it takes slightly longer.

Also, don’t be afraid to use the Forum when you encounter issues. We’ve all been there and there’s a lot of supporting folks in FCC who will offer help.

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I just finished my front end projects! I @gtrabbit gave great advice. I’ve been working with developers for years now and put way too much pressure on myself to make draft one look great from the start. It’s all code; you can do as many rewrites and tweaks as you want. Focus on getting it on the page first.

Also, focus on sections instead of stressing about the full page. Don’t worry about making everything match all at once. Maybe start by focusing on your headers and get those looking like you want, then go to the paragraphs, then images. As you finish things you can always go back and tweak earlier design choices.