Basic Front End Development Projects: Is there supposed to be a large step forward?

So I joined FCC last week, great site, exactly what I need to learn in my own time whilst I have a full time job.

However, I completed the first ‘Front End Development Project’ this evening, where you have to create a tribute page, which was all good, not too taxing in the end. Now it’s moved on to the other project, create a ‘personal portfolio page’ and it shows an example, but many of the aspects of the example page haven’t been covered in the challenges at all…

Is there meant to be such a large jump in complexity all of a sudden, is the idea you find out on your own?

Anyone who’s completed the courses/knows FCC that can help or suggest some advice, that would be awesome!


Hi there,

I haven’t completed FCC (don’t know if I ever will) but yes! You have to do some research on your own.

For the portfolio there isn’t that much you have to figure out by yourself …for now. You’ll definitely go back to it after a while to make it better in every sense of the word: more efficient code, better written, better design. etc.

Check Flexbox to lay out your content.

Ah I see ok, I was panicking a bit thinking I’d missed something.

Thanks! I’ll check out Flexbox.

You are learning basics and you will have to find some things by yourself. I suggest spending some time on reading bootstrap documentation. You can use bootstrap’s navbar and their grid system is awesome. When you are just starting html and css bootstrap is your best friend and later on when you get comfortable with css you can kick out bootstrap. If you get stuck feel free to ask here :stuck_out_tongue: .

No matter what, DON’T PANIC.

I know that coming from me it doesn’t weigh much but really, just work your way.

Also, whenever you see @1pxt (he has Pi as avatar) on the forums, go an read, it’s always worth it - sometimes it will make you worry, most of the time it will give you steam and/or resources to continue.

And again, yes, you’ll have to do A LOT on the side : FCC isn’t a course.

Good luck!