Learning everything from FCC and doing projects - feel stuck at creating portfolio

Hi there, new FCC member here.
Completely new to coding and feels really stuck at creating personal portfolio. I feel like what I learned so far from FCC doesn’t prepare me enough to create a personal portfolio page.

I am following all FCC and now finished a tribute page and moving on to the next one - creating personal portfolio.

I feel like the codes I learned up to this point are not enough for me to create porfolio page. For example, I can’t figure out how to create navigation bar (in fact, FCC didn’t have any lesson about nav). I wonder if I was supposed to be able to do everything after only doing FCC up to this point or if I need to refer to a “whichever libraries you need” - as mentioned? However, I don’t even know what this means and where to find this “library”.

Thank you for your help, sorry if my questions are vague. I don’t even know what I don’t know.


One of the skills required to be a successful programmer is being able to learn on your own.
So don’t be shy to google as much as possible. Look at code other people write, copy/paste it, try to understand it.

Use your browsers’ dev-tools as much as possible on websites you like, to see how things are made. Look at popular frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation, Bulma, Skeleton, etc, to see how they implement things.

There are tons of code written by skilled developers out there, leverage that. Copy what professionals do, and sooner or later you will start to understand what to do on your own.

Sometimes it just takes time to adjust to new concepts, so take it easy.

Quick Edit:
Browse the examples from bootstrap website.
Check out source code for each page, copy the layout then modify it to your needs.


Thank you for your reply, very helpful.
I thought I was missing some steps from FCC but feels reassured now. I’m completely OK and motivated to do self-learning by looking at examples, googling, etc…just didn’t know if there were specific resources I had to look.


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I agree with Shawnsolee.

The first 110 challenges as well as the first project were fine with no big question marks.

This Personal Portfolio however, I now started over a week ago and still have no end even on the remotest horizon.
Of course, I shall read it up and work it out (eventually) but websites merely SHOW you examples, they NEVER encapsulate in a nutshell as a person can do.

It is cool being thrown in at the deep end, but it would have been nice to have at least been comfortable with doing the ‘Doggy-Paddle’ beforehand.
I don’t feel as if I am sinking, but it definitely feels that I am no longer going forward. More just going round in circles on the spot…
Doesn’t help that I am currently homeless, so have no space (nor time) to watch hours of instructional videos and read reams of webpages as I would like, which I suppose is my gripe. Why leave us with a project that may take a month, or more, to complete so early into the course?
Not a good feeling.