Help with basic front end development

Hello everyone. So i started to learn coding with fcc a couple days ago and now im at Basic front end projects after i finished all tasks in html&css, bootstrap and jquery and im puzzled: am i supposed to create something like this just after i finished these 13 hours of studying? Because i dont know how to do half of these things or even more. Im not even sure how do i google all these things
Ill be grateful for any answer
sorry if my english is bad

Seeing as I only started 4 days ago, I may be mistaken, but as far as I can tell, yes, you are supposed to just do it. I just finished the tribute challege today and I was thinking the exact same thing you are now when I started. Basically, I started off trying to mimic the example page. Then I made it my own and even added a fancy picture slideshow. Really, all you’ll need is the Bootstrap 4 documentation and maybe a few peeks at the example tribute when you get stuck, but that’s it. Trust me, once you get started, it starts to make more and more sense, but you will have to spend several hours in total on the Bootstrap website to get anywhere. As for the Portfolio Challenge, well, it does look terribly daunting and I haven’t started yet, but after have my tribute page turn out so nicely, I’m sure I’ll get it done before long. I hope that helps a little!

Hello @gvsorokin ,
As you was asking for a help in this topic, you know that you are not a pro so don’t think that in couple of days you knows everything about web developing, Everyone is a noob at starting. so be positive!!
First try to imitate the same page or our community members page or you can see My Tribute Page. but Don’t copy fully try to add your touches in design like a sculptor sculpting is ideas or you can also learn bootsrap documentation like @zink64 said if you need to design your own page… I think this words may shed light to you’r question! and all the best for your design. :+1:
sorry for the bad english!!:joy:

@zink64, @The_Manoj thank u for ur answers guys, appreciate it, it does help

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