Anyone else have this (beginner) problem?

Hey everyone,

So let me preface this question with a little background. I’ve been wanting to learn to code for a long time now and had previously dabbled a bit in HTML and CSS. I decided to get serious and started FCC as a result. I’ve been doing it for about a week now. I have quite a bit of free time at work and kind of get in the zone sometimes and make my way through quite a few lessons at a time. I’m definitely a beginner and am working through the front-end section right now. A few days ago, I was making my way through Bootstrap and jQuery at a good pace and ended up finishing the lessons. Next up were the two projects, a tribute page and a portfolio page. When I got to them it seemed like suddenly I had forgotten all of the bootstrap and jQuery that I worked through. Like a total mind-blank. And while I could still build the tribute page solely with HTML and CSS, I wanted to use Bootstrap, but just didn’t know what to do (even though I worked through the particular section on FCC and felt good about it!). I go back and look through the lessons and try to find other online resources, but it just feels really time consuming and I don’t feel like I’m actually learning it. Anyone else feel this way? Any tips or resources for Bootstrap? I guess it will take a lot of time and practice, but it’s just a bit frustrating. Thanks.


Yes, everyone has this problem when they get to their first project. The blank page roadblock. Everything to this point has been scaffolded for you and for the first time, someone’s taken away the scaffolding. Your first project or two, you’ll struggle with just getting it up off the ground. It gets better and easier the more you do it!

If you’re going through hell, keep going.

Well, I finished those projects some weeks ago and the same happened to me.

I decided that, although I could advance very quickly, maybe it would be better if I had a slower pace but more practice. I am trying to develop a webpage each week (yeah, just one page) to practice Bootstrap and jQuery.

I have problems with Bootstrap yet, but I am improving.



The exact same thing happened to me too. I finished my tribute and portfolio pages last week/weekend. I could remember vaguely learning about things, but didn’t have very good recall of the specifics. I ended up using mostly HTML and CSS for my projects as well.

Sometimes I was able to remember something that I wanted to use, and what it did, just not the syntax or the like and had to either look back through FCC or Google it. I spent nearly 1/2 of my project time on Google during my portfolio trying to recreate from the sample project on CodePen that weren’t covered at all in FCC challenges up to that point.

I just found this video recently and it helps understand the learning process a bit.

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Cheers for the motivation, guys! I’ll continue forward!

it’s a common problem nothing to worry about
I tried to overcome this problem by a couple of ways

  1. before starting any project I look at the cheat sheet of the library or framework I am going to use
  2. while I learn a new library I made small note for myself and anytime I start my project I just take a look
  3. if you totally dependent on fcc to learn something like bootstrap it is kind of bad thing to do . most of the case try to learn that library using other source or tutorial. the best way to learn to do a project yourself in this way you will hardly forget anything you learn.
    what I do right now, I learn to those thing from elsewhere and use fcc as a practice ground surprisingly it improve my productivity
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Everyone faces the same problem don’t worry just keep going.I would recommend you to read the bootstrap documentation, it is well made and quite easy to follow. I did the same and it helped me a lot. Also you can check out few videos on youtube as well but i would recommend you to stick with the documentation first.Start with understanding how the bootstrap grid system works that alone will help you to build the tribute page.Take one step at a time and believe me you will soon be able to code a tribute page without even using bootstrap.

Hope it helps.Keep on coding!:+1:

Hey Curtis,

I’m in the exact same spot RIGHT NOW. The challenges were fun and exciting, and I enjoyed the hell out of it. I did ok on my tribute page I think, but now that I’m on the portfolio page, there are a lot of things that I don’t know or weren’t covered. But that’s the thing, there’s always more to learn. Let us know how it goes, and I’m sure you guys will hear more from me as well.

Hi Curtis what exactly are you having problems with I will be glad to help in anyway possible