Portfolio project- feeling a little overwhelmed!

I just finished my first project (Tribute page).
I was listening to the instructions about the second project (The Portfolio Page) and I really felt overwhelmed. Let me say that I am a beginner.
Is what I have learned so far here enough to do this project?
I will do my best but I will have to do a lot of research for this one…
Just saying…

What they teach you in the first sections is definitely not enough for completing the first two projects. As you said, you will need to do a lot of research. This is good because it will force you to be resourceful, but it can be very frustrating. If you are feeling too lost, I recommend checking out The Web Development Bootcamp in Udemy (try to get it for $10-15), so you can do it alongside FCC. They really complement each other well, and by the time you finish the Bootstrap section of the course you will have no problem making the portfolio project.
I was in the same situation and I felt a little frustrated, so I decided to do the tribute page only with FCC and google, and then do the Web Develompent course before coming back to the portfolio project. It was a great choice and it definitely gave me a solid fundation before starting with JavaScript.

Looking things up and finding solutions online is a skill in itself that is well worth the time practicing. While the basic tutorials might not cover everything you need to complete the project, they should be a decent starting point and enable you to have an idea of what to search for.

Just take it one step at a time and try not to get frustrated when struggling through certain issues, as the struggle is just part of it and will be beneficial in helping you learn in the long run.

hi there,

I was in a similar position as yours a few days back being a beginner my self. This project won’t be as easy as the tribute page one and it would definitely take you more days to complete.
The things is whatever you have learned till this point in FCC (html ,CSS3 ,jquery ,bootstrap) is enough to build this project HOWEVER you need to get advanced in those things

For that I can advice you a few things:

  • Go through bootstrap 4 documentation and try to understand what components and utilities it provides and which part of it you need for your portfolio page. Take your time while you do it, this would help you a lot.

  • For CSS3 and html5 I found w3schools sufficient (atleast till now)

  • Take your time and understand “CSS/Bootstap Grid system” and “Flexbox” . This will help you in the long run as you would use it almost everywhere to make responsive websites.

  • And the most important thing to remember is to start simple. Start with a simple layout of your portfolio page and later on keep adding to it as you learn.

  • Since you are a beginner and still learning I would suggest you that DO NOT USE YOUR MAIN PROJECT FOR PRACTICING. Whenever you need to add a new component/functionality to your project, always practice it separately and later on when you get perfect and completely understand it then add it to your main project.

It’s okay to be overwhelmed but remember these little challenges will help to reach the next level. Where ever you get stuck follow the read-research-ask method to debug your problem.

I wish you GoodLuck with your project! Happy Coding :grinning:

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Thank you very much! Your opinions have been very clarifying for me and I really appreciate it.
Many thanks again!