Overwhelmed by Portfolio Project

Hey all, is it just me? I’m a bit overwhelmed by the portfolio project. The sample portfolio looks amazing…and I have no idea after running through the tutorial how to achieve a design that awesome… Should I run through the bootstrap section again? I guess i dont remember learning how to do some of those things. Or is that the point that I should be scouring the net to figure all this out? Should I be checking out some other resources? Thanks for any help/support you can provide?

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I would think of the portfolio as an evolving project. As you accumulate skills, modify the portfolio. If you find something cool like CSS animations, adapt it. When you learn Angular, use that… and so on. I am approaching this from an educational standpoint so maybe some others who have broken into the field can give you more pertinent advice.

Bootstrap will do most of the design part for you.So learn bootstrap first you can check w3schools.
And this site https://w3layouts.com/ provides some great ideas and examples of templates.
So utilize them and come up with something amazing!

I agree. The portfolio doesn’t have to look like something that a professional full stack developer has made. It will be the project that you tinker with and redesign throughout your career, always evolving and changing. Travis over at devtips has a video of all his portfolios and the drastic changes between them.

Just use bootstrap to make some basic containers and put a few paragraphs and photos in there, then style them with whatever you’d like. Play around with the padding, colors, and fonts until they are the way you want.

The portfolio is a reflection of your creativity, not a universal standard.

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No need to scour, just check the documentation! The FCC challenges are mere introductions to the myriad components offered by Bootstrap.

Don’t worry about making something nice. Make the ugliest portfolio you can, then come back when you’re more comfortable coding and make something stellar.

Hey, thanks a lot! I was worried that I missed something and should have been able to pull that type of quality off… I can not do that…yet.

Thinking of it as a work in progress is really helpful because I think I can check the basic requirements off, but it will take time. Thanks for the tips. It really helped me not jump off track in frustration.

You can do it. Break it down into sections and just focus on that. If you did the tribute page you know the concepts, but you’ll spend a little bit more time learning more about CSS.

If it’s still overwhelming check out FCC’s beta program - they added a TON about CSS that are super useful.

I find the best portfolio is made when you just think of a brilliant idea. In my opinion you shouldn’t make a portfolio that doesn’t express yourself. And so don’t make one if you don’t feel you are ready for it. Before I made my portfolio I just wrote sites for other people for free, or just wrote sites in general.

As you progress, challenge yourself to do more every time or if you have a good idea for a portfolio then give it a go.

I just recently finished making my portfolio, so I know how you’re feeling. My advice to you would be to just first start with the basics. Write in your basic HMTL skeleton, get some basic styles in, etc. Then, figure out where you want to go with it. The beauty of FCC is that it is project driven. You won’t learn how to make a beautiful site by reading a couple tutorials. Instead, figure out specific things you want to do with your page, take a look at the documentation, and try to implement it. Chances are, it won’t work. But keep trying, and you will learn more in a short amount of time than you ever would reading articles or doing simple challenges. And then, after you get it squared away, you can go beyond what was expected. Take a look at mine, I decided to implement some scrolling features and design components. Right now I am still tinkering with getting different navigation tabs to highlight as you scroll down the page, but eventually, I’ll figure it out. Cheers!