Portfolio seems too complicate for the beginner of my level

I opened portfolio source code on codepen and it seems for me all giberish. Can I just make simple very easy code that still works and looks the same as example? I don’t think that I want to copy most of the code without knowing how it works and just edit text in it so it seems like mine. I would rather still do it in a simple html elements that fulfils the same purpose. I do understand that I do need to learn about nav-bars and other bootstrap classes, but fcc does not explain anything. Just throws you into sea and hopes you will learn how to swim. So back to the question. Will it still count if I will make it my way?

I think if you fulfill the user stories, no one will really say anything too negative about it. If the user can access the information they need without feeling the UI is an encumbrance, I suppose all is well.

As far as I know, the nav bar would be a series of divs + Bootstrap with buttons within them set up as links that move you up/down the page.

Google will really be your friend. For my tribute page, I put a bunch of stuff in it not on free code camp, but I really just looked it all up.

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You have to do it your way.

The portfolio shown in the example is from another user that probably came back to it after proceeding in their FCC course, therefore knowing more than they did the first time they made the project. Or, maybe, they knew more from the beginning, that’s not important. It’s just a visual example of the user stories you should fulfill; it’s not something you should replicate.

Fulfill the user stories and you’re set. Do some research if you need to do something that you don’t know how to do at the moment but of course, keep it personal. You can always come back to it when you feel like it\learn more and adjust it.


Your tribute page is very well done. Kinda inspired me!

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Thank you. That made my day. I thought that it’s just me being clueless. Time to go back and read some bootstrap book’s and tuts.

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Thank you so much! Kind of you to say.

If you wanted a bootstrap tutorial, here is one.

It has a section on nav bars that is different. Careful! This is for bootstrap 4, so you need to load that into your pen rather than bootstrap 3!

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