Portfolio Question

Could you help me understand?j I know the instructions say don’t look at the code on the example but does that also mean don’t look at the code on anyone else’s Portfolio? It seems to me that would be a good way to gain ideas.
Just curious.

My suggestion.
Look at several portfolios. See which ones have a layout or color scheme that appeals to you. Then try to break down each section at a time.
Do you like a certain nav style you see? Then try to code it. If you get stuck, try your best to find tutorilas that help you accomplish building that nav.
Approach each part of the page this way. If you get stuck, use the forum and
also search for answers. Simply google search a problem you have. Chances are someone else has had the same problem and the answer is out there. It does not hurt to look at others code but be careful it does not become a crutch.

Also I recommend using a good text editor like notepad++ or sublime on your local machine to create your code. These editors show highlighting have inherient indentation etc.Just make sure if you are using bootstrap you include the proper links in the head section.

I f you decide to just use codepen, make sure you have proper settings.

Any questions let me know.