Fun/Stupid survey - Feedback welcome

I was having a lot of trouble thinking of a theme to build a survey around and ended up using something that was right in front of me at the time, Emoji… :roll_eyes: I ended up having fun with it though. The project fails one test because I forgot to add a section with checkboxes, but I’ll do that later today or tomorrow. Let me know what you think.


I like it! It was fun to go through your survey.

I would add a short description that gives a range that you can choose how awesome they are somewhere. ex. 1-10.
Also It will be helpful to have some kind of color change when mouse hovers over submit button.

Well done :grinning:

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Thanks! I forgot to style the hover state of the button, glad you pointed it out. I’ve updated that and those placeholders. Appreciate the feedback! :pineapple: :fire:

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I like it its cool good job

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