Function inside event listener issue

Making a true of false quiz. Everything seems to work except the function to change the text inside an element isnt working on click.

            <div class = "container">
                <div id = "question">
                <input  class="button" id="btnTrue" type="button" value="true"/>
                <input  class="button" id="btnFlase" type="button" value="false"/>

function questionIndex() {
    document.getElementById("question").innerHTML = question;
    return console.log(currentItemIndex);

const questions = [
    ["questionOne", "false"],
    ["questionTwo", "true"],
    ["questionThree", "true"],
    ["questionFour", "false"]

let points = 0;
let currentItemIndex = 0;
let question = questions[currentItemIndex][0];
let answer = questions[currentItemIndex][1];
const btn = document.getElementsByClassName("button");


btn.addEventListener('click', event => {
    if ( === answer) {
    } else {

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Can you elaborate on what you mean by “not working on click”? Also, do you have your full code (including html)?

I am guessing your button elements do not have a value attribute with the corresponding value you are attempting to compare in the click event callback functions.

I have included HTML in the code. Im attempting to run a function that will execute on the click of a button. So far I have tried creating an “addEventListener” to run the function and change a few variables, and i have attempted to place on “onclick” to the input.

As I suspected, the value you have specified for the value attributes of the buttons is not the same as the value you are checking in the questions array’s 2nd element of a particular subarray. Remember that JavaScript is case-sensitive.

FYI - Instead of creating a duplicate function for each button’s click event callback function, create a single function (i.e. checkAnswer) and pass the function name for it instead. This will make your code more DRY (Do Not Repeat Yourself).

I have updated by code based on your suggestions and im still not getting the results i should be. On top of not being able to refresh my question with the function “questionIndex()” now my event listener is causing problems.