Functions and parameters

I have a problem because all test(parameter) are working just when a page loads and not when I click on the buttons. I’m trying to make it that when I click on the button function will work with parameter from addEventListener.

My current code:

document.getElementById("1").addEventListener("click", test("test1"));
document.getElementById("2").addEventListener("click", test("test2"));
document.getElementById("3").addEventListener("click", test("test3"));
document.getElementById("4").addEventListener("click", test("test4"));

function test(x)
     var element = document.getElementById(x);

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The problem is that in JavaScript the line “test()” invokes the function test. The solution is write your handlers this way:

document.getElementById("1").addEventListener("click", function(){

Hope you find it useful.


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<div id="test1" class="hidden-class">
    Hello Cruel World
    document.getElementById("1").addEventListener("click", test("test1"));

function test(x)
    var element = document.getElementById(x);

Yeah I tested it several times document.Getelementbyid…etx
runs the code automatically in ur case withour even have to click the button.
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Thanks! Glad it helped!