Functional Programming: Split a String into an Array Using the split Method: code does not pass

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Hello! The below code gives the following output:

[ ‘Hello’, ‘World’, ‘I’, ‘am’, ‘code’ ]
[ ‘Earth’, ‘is’, ‘our’, ‘home’ ]
[ ‘This’, ‘is’, ‘a’, ‘sentence’ ]

But it does not pass the challenge. Can anyone tell me why?


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function splitify(str) {
// Only change code below this line

// Only change code above this line
splitify("Hello World,I-am code");
splitify("Earth-is-our home");

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Challenge: Split a String into an Array Using the split Method

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You forgot to add a return statement in your splitify function without that it just splits and returns nothing.

return str.split(/[^\w]/);

Figured out my own error - had to remove the console.log statement. oops!

@mayankverma, thanks!