Split a String into an Array Using the split Method

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function splitify(str) {
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  return str.split( '');
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splitify("Hello World,I-am code");

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The challenge asks that you split each string into words, but not only by space.
For instance

Hello-World // ["Hello", "World"]

For example you can use a regex that match any non a-z character :slight_smile:
Hope it helps.

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if you want by space you must declare ’ ’ space not ‘’ nothing
look at this sites https://regexr.com/ select References and character classes

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It is not passing because you forgot to include the period (.)

try this instead.


thanks your help ,just now I find a method split(/\s|\W/)


Yup. That is way better. Welcome.

Hi there, can anyone please tell me, why this did not work? : str.split(/\s+/)

@SamuelJanoska Can you please use the Ask for Help link on the challenge you are working instead of asking your question here?

Thank you.

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Even much better: str.split(/\W/)

Can someone explain what the \W regex means and why it works so perfectly here? It seems like it’s just reading for any character that’s not a word, but how does it know that “I-am” is not a word if it’s all one string?

\W matches a character which is not a-z, A-Z, 0-9, or the _ (underscore) character.

What is the exact regular expression and how is the regular expression being used with a specific string?

Try to use it

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