Functtion calling function

What is mistake in this code?

const byCar = function (distance) {

  let travel = {

    Rate: 16,

    Tolls: Math.floor(distance / 60),

    Time: '15 Hrs',

    costing: function (distance) {

      return distance * travel.Rate + travel.Tolls * 100;



  return travel.costing;


const decideTravel = function (distance, fn) {

  return `To travel ${distance} Kms costing is Rs.${fn(distance)}`;


console.log(decideTravel(900, byCar));

Did you enclose the final string to be returned from the decideTravel function in backticks?

What is the error you are getting?

byCar is a function that returns a method. You have to invoke the method. You can use double parentheses to invoke it immediately.

return `To travel ${distance} Kms costing is Rs. ${fn(distance)(distance)}`;

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