Gamer survey form

Hello everyone :smiley: here is my built survey form and it’s about Gamers’ attitude it took me some time at least way much more than the tribute page chalenge …
I hope u guys take the time to check it
and any FEEDBACK would be very much appreciated
Thank you :smiley:

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You might want to give the page’s title a background color. It’s hard to read against the page background. Also, I think font-size is a better option to enlarge that text than transform. Scaling the title causes it to expand beyond the page’s width, which then causes the horizontal scrollbar to appear.

0.9 opacity might be “bleeding” a bit too much of the background into the form. 0.95 looks more pleasing to the eye.

Instead of using width for the form, try using max-width. That makes it so it won’t grow wider than 700px, but when the viewport is less than 700px, it shrinks, making it more responsive.


First - Great job. This is my next project, I hope I can do as well.

Second, I agree with kevcomedia about your title. It does get lost in the back ground and is very difficult to read.

One more thing, and it maybe a little nit picky, but I would use lose the dot at the beginning of your survey questions. Use “list-style: none;”

Again, great job.


Thank you very much that was very helpfull… i have been trying to find out why the horizontal scrollbar kept apearing but couldn’t find anything . Now i know thanks to you :smiley: .
I have made all the required changes :slight_smile: .
Thanks again :smiley: .

Good luck on your Survey Form project I’m looking forward to it :smiley:
And thank you for you feedback i have made some changes :slight_smile: