Generate Midjourney Prompts

I need help with python, I’m writing a story and want to split it into scenes. Then also generate Midjourney prompts to and external file. here’s my code:

“scenes = story.split(”\n\n")

midjourney_prompts =

for i, scene in enumerate(scenes):
midjourney_prompts.append(f"Scene {i+1}: {scene}")

with open(‘midjourney_prompts.txt’, ‘w’) as f:
for prompt in midjourney_prompts:
f.write(prompt + ‘\n’)

Hope you can help

Please specify what help you need.
Ask more precise questions.
Do you just want to find someone to join in on your project?
And if you have a problem with the code, tell me what behavior (output) you need to create.
And what inputs do you have (story format in this case)?

I want a program to do X
But it does Y, and I don’t know why.
How can I approach this problem?

Here is my code:
Here are the input files:
My program’s output is as follows: