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can i get a certificate just by working on a project without doing a course?

The freeCodeCamp website tracks your progress through each lesson to make sure you’ve gone through the material and understand the concept. You won’t be able to get a certificate if you haven’t completed 100% of the challenges and finished all of the projects.

so, if I only complete the project without completing the course curriculum, I will not get a certificate?

As i know there is no need to complete all the lessons to get certificate.
You just need to complete Certification Projects in order to get certified.

hmmm, but the moderator say that:)

:grin: i remember reading somewhere !! that it not compolsory.

yes hopefully it can be like that, coz need more time to finish all curriculum course

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Welcome there,

The only requirement for a certification is the 5 related certification projects. The lessons and practice projects are optional.

You can see the requirements by going to

Hope this clarifies

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I think that perhaps what @staranbeer was saying is that the course will not be marked as complete if you don’t do the lessons. The certificates, however, do not require completing all of the course lessons.

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