Get only one value from an array in react js

I have an array of images "[ {"imgUri":"osbook2020-f51d7ad8-d8ce-4f9e-9bec-9b56f11f57ea1590130125556.jpg"}, {"imgUri":"osbook2020-f51d7ad8-d8ce-4f9e-9bec-9b56f11f57ea1590130125556.jpg"}, {"imgUri":"osbook2020-f51d7ad8-d8ce-4f9e-9bec-9b56f11f57ea1590130125556.jpg"}, {"imgUri":"osbook2020-f51d7ad8-d8ce-4f9e-9bec-9b56f11f57ea1590130125607.jpg"}, {"imgUri":"osbook2020-f51d7ad8-d8ce-4f9e-9bec-9b56f11f57ea1590130125556.jpg"}, {"imgUri":"osbook2020-f51d7ad8-d8ce-4f9e-9bec-9b56f11f57ea1590130125607.jpg"}, {"imgUri":"osbook2020-f51d7ad8-d8ce-4f9e-9bec-9b56f11f57ea1590130125556.jpg"}, {"imgUri":"osbook2020-f51d7ad8-d8ce-4f9e-9bec-9b56f11f57ea1590130125607.jpg"}, {"imgUri":"osbook2020-f51d7ad8-d8ce-4f9e-9bec-9b56f11f57ea1590130125681.jpg"}]" but i only want to get the first object of this array to display as cover image in react

Hello there,

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Please provide some example of what you’ve tried and I’m sure you’ll get more help.

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Thanks @Sky020, so concerning the example i tried

                const imgs = JSON.parse(post.images)
                const imgsLength = imgs.length

                    const img = post.images[0];
                    const coverUrl = `http://localhost:5000/images/${img.imgUri}`
                    const cover = <img src={coverUrl} />

am getting undefined when am trying to log coverUrl.

It is difficult to be able to know what is exactly wrong, without seeing the exact data. The data you have posted in the code above is neither a JS Array, nor a JS String, nor JSON. So, let us assume the data is JSON: You need to parse it, as you have here:

const imgs = JSON.parse(post.images)

But, then you do not parse it here:

const img = post.images[0];

So, it is not a valid JS object.

Hope this helps

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I’ve solved this issue . I changed the array data from the last one to

const images = " [ "osbook2020-f51d7ad8-d8ce-4f9e-9bec-9b56f11f57ea1590130125556.jpg, "osbook2020-f51d7ad8-d8ce-4f9e-9bec-9b56f11f57ea1590130125556.jpg"]"

so not when I call

 const imgs = JSON.parse(post.images)
 const img = imgs[0];

I get the first value of the array