getJSON won't work in twitch project


$.getJSON("", function(data){

this is the basic code just started it and trying to get the json to console…

It worked fine for me when I plugged it into codepen. I was a little worried about the “https” but it worked fine that way and for “http”: (Maybe they finally solved that.).

Can you provide a link to your actual pen?

Forgive me for asking, but you know how to open the console, right? (There have been a lot of campers not clear on the concept.) ctrl-shift-J in Chrome.

Yeah its not a problem opening the console.I am getting a CORS error,which is meant to be resolved by the callback at the end of the url,however it doesn’t work.
here a link to the page

Really? You get a CORS error? I get an “Uncaught ReferenceError: $ is not defined at pen.js:1” error. That is because JQuery is not installed. Go to Settings/JavaScript/Quick-add/JQuery. When I do that, it works fine, sending the JSON object to the console.

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Yeah I did,but I have now fixed the problem thanks to your suggestion of going to the JS settings and adding jquery.I just forgot to do it for this problem
don’t know why…Anyway thanks for all your help-appreciate it.