Getting a Certificate

I have learnt all the responsive web design topics on my own just by using docs and some tutorials, but want to earn a freecodecamp certificate in “Responsive Web Design”.

Is there a way apart from doing all the tasks, and just completing the main project(s) in order to ear the certificate?

Or is there another way to go about this?

You only need to complete the main projects in each section. The challenges are optional.

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So just to clarify, to get my certificate in “Responsive Web Design” I only need to complete the projects:

  • Build a Tribute Page
  • Build a Survey Form
  • Build a Product Landing Page
  • Build a Technical Documentation Page
  • Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage

After which I will get my certificate?

After which you can claim the certificate. The certificates are not issued automatically, you need to claim it in the settings

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