Getting an entry level job in Columbus Ohio

Anyone know of any companies in Columbus Ohio that are hiring inexperienced people?

I’m so tired of getting rejected by these damnrecruiters. I think I’m just gonna avoid them all together.

I know this is not an answer to your question but have you thought of doing an unpaid volunteer position to build up your resume?
Eg here is my google search for volunteer web debeloperin Columbus Ohio

Got several hits which look promising…

Here is what I recommend you read and apply:

Despite the massive potential of tech opportunities Columbus has, it’s still lagging behind when it comes to have having those roles out in the open.

My best suggestion is skipping the middleman and going straight to the decision makers. For instances, I would go on Linkedin and make a connection with one of the tech leads at Dynamit. Leave a note with the connection that you’re a new developer and wanted to inquiry what Dynamit looks for in an entry-level developer. Who knows, they maybe coincidently looking for entry-level developers. If not, at least you’ll be the first in mind.

Also, the tech community in Columbus is pretty close knit. You’ll have much success going to all the meetups that matter:

  • Columbus Web Group
  • JavaScript User Group
  • Pair Columbus
  • Columbus Ruby Brigade
  • FreeCodeCamp Columbus (Which I run)

Another thing to consider is that Columbus is a .NET and Java city with a demand for Test Automation. Most large and medium-sized enterprises are looking for those technologies, especially in the downtown area where the money is.

There are jobs for front-end development, however, you’re going to have a harder time landing an entry level role since you do have a bit of competition. I can count on my fingers that there are companies that are converting over to JavaScript, mostly startups like nChannel. But I wouldn’t bank on it.

Finally, I would start frequenting Rev1Ventures if you can since there is always opportunity within that incubator.

I’m in the Columbus area and will be checking out the above. Thank you!