Getting first time job in London UK

Hey I’m Mohamed a self taught web developer from London who started to learn to code at the end of February and I finally built up the confidence to start applying for jobs I sent my first batch of applications last week 22nd of September and I’ve received no response. I’m not sure how long it takes the HR team to respond to juniors or if this just means i’m not good enough. Therefore I’m going to link my portfolio website and would appreciate some real critical feedback also if anyone could give me some clarity on applying for a software development job for someone with no experience and without a degree.
My Portfolio Website
Many thanks
Mohamed Mohamud

Hi, I’m just starting and can’t really give advice. I just wanted to say that your portfolio look very good ! It’s clear and personalized.

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Thank you very much I really appreciate it

To up your chances you might want to learn C#, most of the jobs I see want .NET

Bear in mind the economy is in a terrible state and things will only get worse as the furlough scheme ends next month and unemployment will skyrocket.

Yeah I noticed that as-well so I did learn C# and added a project on my cv, I think I might look into an apprenticeship in order to get experience

Hi @mmohamud720,

I’m in a similar position to yours and want to start applying later in the year. Your portfolio looks really neat, particularly the movie database app.

Out of curiosity, how are you getting on? Have you had any luck so far?