When did you guys start applying for jobs?

Hüllo folks, I was meaning to ask, when did you guys first start applying to jobs? At what point did you feel confident enough to send out applications ?

A bit of background: I’m a student, majoring in Computer Science ( 1st year ). With that in mind, I have some programming experience from university, in Java and C (mostly math related, since we only do math-oriented problems, however it does teach you how to think like a programmer and how to solve problems). I’ve also done a couple of courses in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Now, I’m completing the Front End Certificate Curiculum ( about 10 algorithm challenges left, however I still have to do most projects, but am getting throught them, only been here for about a month). However, I have no idea when to start applying for jobs. I’ve been looking around local market ( I’m limited on jobs because of my countries policy on students work ) and all the job offers I read, I get sort of intimidated and scared to apply. I’m not sure I would be able to deliver what I’ll be asked for.

So, I’m really wondering, when did you guys feel confident enough to apply for jobs?

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The most important thing for getting hired is having a portfolio. It’s extremely unlikely you’ll get hired without one. That’s why it’s recommended that you complete the portfolio (including the FCC projects) before applying for jobs.

I’ve completed almost all of the Front End projects, but I haven’t finished my portfolio yet. I still have not started job hunting and will not until I get the portfolio finished.

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I didn’t start applying for jobs until I had a portfolio showing all skills that I had learnt - HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, Drupal. I did not include any of my FCC sites, though a couple that I’ve done recently could have been used.

I made 6 websites, and the portfolio itself - http://iwillbeawebdeveloper.co.uk.

I start my first junior web developer role in two weeks.


Your Portfolir Was Great

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