Ready for an internship/job?

Hello everyone!
Currently I’m looking into getting an internship, but can’t help but wonder if now is a good time for me to start looking. More than anything I’m worried that my skills might not be quite there yet, and that I’m thus wasting my time applying. I’m almost done with the medium level Front-End projects (just need the last one - here is a link to my CodePen profile: and have finished all of the bonfires.

I also have a couple of websites that I’ve created for school:

Chance the Rapper Tribute -
JavaJam Responsive Site -
JQuery Research Assignment / BIrthday Present to my Friend (click on the cat :wink: ) - (also in my CodePen)
Car Purchase Form -
Pacific Trails Resort -

And also a personal project of mine:

My Favorite Drummers -

Would a portfolio like this one be good enough to possibly land me an internship, or am I better off concentrating all of my efforts into building and waiting until I’m done with the Front-End Certificate to start applying? I would particularly love to hear from those of you who’ve been able to land positions thanks to (or at least partly thanks to) the work you’ve done on FCC. How much of the Front-End Certificate did you guys complete before landing a job? Did you guys land an internship or a entry-level position?

Thanks a ton in advance to anyone who replies. :smiley: